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A huge win for Healthcare Freedom Act in Missouri

Posted by Richard on August 5, 2010

On Tuesday, Missouri voters overwhelmingly supported Proposition C, the Healthcare Freedom Act. Prop C prohibits the government from requiring citizens to purchase health insurance or penalizing those who don't — the "individual mandate" that's at the core of ObamaCare. It passed with more than 71% of the vote.

The MSM, including the WSJ, are downplaying this as "largely symbolic." But ObamaCare depends on state-administered insurance pools and state cooperation. Emphatic rejections of such cooperation, if replicated in other states, will undermine the entire bureaucratic house of cards.

The MSM also dismiss the lopsided vote because it was mainly Republican primary voters. But 24th State crunched some of the numbers (emphasis in original): 

From some back of the envelope calculations, 15% of ballots that were cast in the Democratic Senate primary statewide voted Yes on Prop C.  Even in St Louis City, almost 20% of the ballot cast just for Robin Carnahan also voted Yes on Prop C.  The number is even higher for the State Auditor race.  When 1 in 6 Democratic primary votes decide they want the state of Missouri to defend them from the signature issue of the Democratic Party, you’ve got a recipe for electoral disaster.

Statewide, almost 100,000 voters pulled Yes on Prop C but did not vote in the Republican Senate Primary.  Note that Missouri is also an open primary system.  Crossover Democrats who wished to vote for weaker Republican candidates and who voted No On C wouldn’t count in this total.  Those are astonishing numbers.

St. Louis County voted 55-45 for Kerry and 60-40 for Obama. But it passed Prop C by a 62-38 margin. The Democrats and their media shills can try to shrug this off, but they're whistling past the graveyard. 

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