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A modest proposal for New York

Posted by Richard on June 2, 2006

The Department of Homeland Security has released a list of the anti-terrorism grants to cities for fiscal year 2006, and some people are screaming bloody murder. DHS official said they need to spread the funding to more communities, so past major grant recipients like New York and D.C. are facing significant cuts this year.

New York politicians across the entire New York political spectrum — from moderately liberal Republicans to extremely liberal Democrats — are up in arms, of course:

New York will receive $124.5 million in anti-terrorism grants for cities at high risk of attacks, a deep cut of some 40 percent described as "a knife in the back" by one lawmaker.

"As far as I’m concerned, the Department of Homeland Security and the administration have declared war on New York," said Rep. Peter King of Long Island, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. "It’s a knife in the back to New York and I’m going to do everything I can to make them very sorry they made this decision."

"Anyone who can’t see New York monuments at risk is blind as a bat when it comes to homeland security," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

"When you stop a terrorist, they have a map of New York City in their pocket," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "They don’t have a map of any of the other … 45 places."

I’d like to make a suggestion to Messrs. King, Schumer, Bloomberg, and their friends and supporters: Why don’t you apply the same principles to the prevention of terrorist attacks that you apply to the prevention of "gun violence"? Prohibit the possession of bombs, explosives, incendiary devices, and other terrorist weapons within the City of New York without a permit. Then issue permits only to a well-connected, privileged few.

Oh, and post plenty of signs declaring New York to be a "Terrorist-Weapon-Free Zone" and warning of severe prison terms for possession of a terrorist weapon without a permit.

That should make you all much safer, right?

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2 Responses to “A modest proposal for New York”

  1. DirtCrashr in Silicon Valley said

    It’s the pork trough, and the piggies are in a feeding frenzy!

  2. VRB said

    It is not all pork, most of those grants are given to meet DHS’ requirements. Didn’t DC have to spend $80 million out of their grants on security for the President’s inauguration?

    Last year there were complaints that small municipalities were getting funds they didn’t need. When it comes to FED money, nobody is satisfied.

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