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A SOTU worth missing

Posted by Richard on January 26, 2011

I'm glad I passed on the SOTU speech last night. Based on Steve's drunkblogging, the WSJ summary, and the commentaries and analyses I've seen, it was well worth passing up. Besides, a good portion of it seems to have been recycled from last year, with some bits from 2009 thrown in, too. 

Is this the second or third year that President Obama has solemnly declared that, like a family, the federal government must live within its means? No matter. It's not what the Prez says, it's what he does. And here's what he does (courtesy of The Captain's Comments): 

 Obama Tripled Deficit

This president has a lot of nerve talking about fiscal responsibility. How fiscally responsible is proposing a dozen or so massive new "investments" while annual deficits are well over $1 trillion? How fiscally responsible is proposing to freeze discretionary spending at its current stratospheric level?

The Republicans are talking about rolling it back to the 2008 level, and even that's far too timid. 

In his response to the SOTU, Sen. Rand Paul said he's introduced a bill to cut spending by $500 billion this year. That's more like it! Take a look: 

[YouTube link]

Check out Rep. Michele Bachmann's SOTU response, too: 

[YouTube link ]


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2 Responses to “A SOTU worth missing”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    Good call Richard! As I’m sure you know by now you didn’t miss a damned thing. I, on the other hand, allowed a perverse attack of masochism to overcome me and I watched the whole thing. I’m just glad I wasn’t playing drinking games. I had had to take a shot every time he said “investment” I wouldn’t have lasted 15 minutes. It’s sad, but the best part of it was the “salmon” joke. It’s too long to go into if you didn’t hear it on a re-run, but it actually got a fairly good laugh. By the time he got to clean energy and competition with China, I was picturing George C. Scott in an Air Force uniform raving “Mr. President we cannot allow a solar gap!” God, I wish Peter Sellers was still around. :=)

  2. rgcombs said

    A solar gap — I love it! But what would Slim Pickens ride — a wind turbine? A Chevy Volt? Ha!

    (For you kids who have no idea what we’re talking about, check out Dr. Strangelove.)

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