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Another conspiracy unearthed

Posted by Richard on January 10, 2008

Last Friday, in the wake of the Iowa caucuses, I remarked that, "If I were a Republican muckety-muck, I'd hire Karl Rove to secretly help the Clinton campaign." You think maybe they did? Apparently, many of the nutroots think that's exactly what happened in New Hampshire. And that Diebold is now rigging its machines to help the Clintons.

Joe Tobacco bravely ventured into the Bedlam that is Democratic Underground and linked to thread after thread full of paranoid ravings. I just skimmed a few, and especially liked this comment:

What struck me is how they programmed Edwards to maintain 17% ALL NIGHT

That was some pretty transparent programming, if you ask me.

THIS is what a gerrymandered, computerized voting machine election looks like. From start to finish.

Made me sick.

Here are a couple that express a popular sentiment:

I wouldn't put it past the Neocons to be buggering the vote for Hillary

especially since neocons REALLY WANT HER as the Dem nominee…someone they can "work with" win or lose in the General

is clinton a preffered oponent for the republicans?

hmmm. clinton was trailing, then she finished ahead. the exit polls predicted otherwise. the exit polls were never this far off before diebold became so heavily involved in the game. it is just like the elections of 2004. so what am i saying… i personally think hillary poses both, a candidate that is easier for the republicans to beat, and, if elected, a president who more entrenched in the traditional political system. so guess what, it doesn't surprise me that the diebold machines once again felt a candidate that aligned closer to their views pulled ahead. coincidence?  

As in 2004, large numbers of the nutroots left remain utterly convinced that polls are infallibly accurate, while actual vote counts are unreliable and suspect.

They call themselves the "reality-based community." 

UPDATE: Sen. John Effin' Kerry has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama. Obama thanked him. I think Obama would have been wiser to follow the Scrappleface version: 

(2008-01-10) — Sen. Barack Obama today declined the endorsement of Sen. John Kerry, saying his presidential campaign is about “hope and change”, and he doesn’t want to “send mixed messages.”


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One Response to “Another conspiracy unearthed”

  1. Tony Iovino said

    Maybe Jimmy Carter will endorse him next!

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