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Another contender for sound bite of the day

Posted by Richard on November 4, 2008

Rick Moore said "This is What the Election is All About" (emphasis added):

From Virginia Democrat Representative Jim Moran:

"We have been guided by a Republican administration that believes in the simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it, and they have an antipathy towards the means of redistributing wealth."

Video here. In the socialist world of Moran and Obama, you are not entitled to keep your wealth.

Meanwhile, Black Panthers wielding nightsticks are intimidating voters at Philadelphia polling places.

And Chuckie Schumer is talking about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.

And Barack Obama gives special thanks to the "gracious press".

Moran — that's pronounced "moron," right? 

For more about the Panthers confronting and intimidating certain voters, go here and here

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2 Responses to “Another contender for sound bite of the day”

  1. Hathor said

    I think the voter intimidation incident was created. Granted the Panther with the club shouldn’t have been there, but it was probably was more intimidating to the people who made the videos than the residents in that area. The police were called and the person removed, but not done until they got their video. What of the old man going to vote? There only concern about fictitious elderly white ladies and not and elderly black man? Yes I said white ladies, who else would the reporters think voting for McCain. The reporters don’t even know the demographics of the neighborhood they are reporting from. They barely mentioned where the polling place was or what it was.

    Does Malkin think all Negroes are the New Black Panthers? They have little significance here in Philly. And certainly not significant enough to cover hundreds of polling places. I live in a neighborhood where there were many McCain/Palin signs, no incidents, no signs removed, no voter intimidation when I went to vote and NO PANTHERS.

    There were long lines at polling places around 7 this morning as I traveled to work. I had never seen this before on election day. People of all stripes, were waiting to make a difference, not to do mischief.

    What is the purpose of linking or posting about this incident. Ashley Todd couldn’t fulfill your vision?

  2. rgcombs said

    I have no idea who or what Ashley Todd is. I linked to the Panther stories at the end of the post (about something else) because the mention by Moore caught my attention.

    I remember the original Black Panther Party, but the fact that there is a ”New” BPP had escaped me or slipped my mind. It was a weird, retro image to me, so my reaction was, “Look! A five-legged dog!” I didn’t even read the stories (just glanced at them), so I don’t know anything about elderly black men and white women.

    Was I not “fair and balanced” enough? OK, check out this Bill Dyer (Beldar) post about the Panther story:

    ”Friends and neighbors, one or two such guys, at one polling place in one state, is not a meaningful piece of information. It makes a great video clip precisely because it plays on some very ugly stereotypes.”

    ”I am untroubled by anecdotal events like these, which are obvious and easily remedied.”

    ”Instead, I am deeply troubled by the fact that it’s Election Day, and yet Barack Obama has still not identified — much less fired — whoever it was in his senior campaign staff who ordered that his website’s credit card anti-fraud protections be turned off.”

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