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Baldilocks vs. Obama

Posted by Richard on August 21, 2008

Baldilocks has been in my blogroll since early in the history of this blog. I followed a link to a post of hers, liked it, and kept reading. I haven't dropped by lately (there are just too many good blogs to keep up with), which is a shame. I'd forgotten Juliette's military background regarding Russia, so I missed some good posts (like this and this and this and this) about the Georgia situation. Including this valuable observation: it's about tribalism.

What brought my attention back to Baldilocks was an Instapundit link to a fascinating LA Weekly story about her. I knew she was of Kenyan heritage, but I had no idea of the remarkable parallels with Barack Obama. You simply must read that story

One of the points of the story is how Juliette has decided to fulfill the promise that Obama broke to the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School in the village where his father was born. I was moved by the story and especially by the school's disappointment after Obama's visit and promises.

Juliette has started a non-profit organization to provide the support that Obama promised, but failed to provide. But she hasn't exactly made it easy to find the site for the non-profit. (Juliette, would it be that difficult to put a link in your sidebar??) If, like me, you're motivated by the LA Weekly story to contribute, go here. And thanks for helping!

UPDATE: The link is there now, in the left sidebar under "Special Features." Go and contribute! 

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