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Blog typing

Posted by Richard on December 2, 2008

Are you familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Jungian psychological types on which this personality inventory is based? I took the MBTI back in the mid-80s, and I've been looking for my results — with no luck, I'm afraid.

I'm pretty certain my outcome was INTP. But I recall being right on the borderline of one axis — probably P-J, but maybe S-N. Myers-Briggs theory, however, says you clearly prefer one or the other, and a borderline result represents an ambiguous score, not ambiguity on your part. IIRC, the counselor who administered and interpreted my MBTI (a co-worker who knew me) was quite certain I was really an INTP (if I remember that correctly).

So why did I search for my results and bring this up? Well, someone recently pointed me to an interesting web site called Typealyzer. You enter a blog URL, and they scan the site and determine the type of the blogger. According to Typealyzer, Combs Spouts Off is an ISTP blog. 

Interesting stuff. I went through a bunch of the non-group blogs (for obvious reasons) in my blogroll, and I found several ISTPs and even more INTPs and INTJs. There were only a couple of Fs and almost no E-anythings.

A lot of bloggers are introverted thinkers — who would have guessed? πŸ™‚

Try plugging in a few of your favorites.

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3 Responses to “Blog typing”

  1. Mothanskin (Roosevelt) said

    Very interesting links! Thanks for sharing!

  2. rgcombs said

    You’re welcome, Mo. Hey, it says you’re an INTP! πŸ™‚ Supposedly, only 3.3% of the general population have that type, but it seems to be more like 20 or 25% of bloggers.

  3. Breanne said

    Hi there! I came across this post through my Google Alerts for the word “MBTI.” This may or may not be of interest to you, but I write a blog about the MBTI and wrote a post about how Typealyzer is basically junk. I know lots of people are checking it out for entertainment sake- and that’s totally cool…but I hope you don’t confuse those “blog type” results for your own personality type. Anyway, I won’t go into why the site is junk here, I just wanted to let you know if you wanted to learn more, here’s the original post: I also have a discussion in the comments section with the creator of the Typealyzer site.

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