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Bush calls war war, left goes berserk

Posted by Richard on May 8, 2006

While I wasn’t paying attention, Bush used the term "World War III" to describe the global conflict with Islamofascism, and the people suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome somehow managed to become even more deranged. Bush used the term in an interview with CNBC (that explains why so many of us failed to notice it), speaking of the film United 93:

Bush said he had yet to see the recently released film of the uprising, a dramatic portrayal of events on the United Airlines plane before it crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

But he said he agreed with the description of David Beamer, whose son Todd died in the crash, who in a Wall Street Journal commentary last month called it "our first successful counter-attack in our homeland in this new global war — World War III".

Bush said: "I believe that. I believe that it was the first counter-attack to World War III.

"It was, it was unbelievably heroic of those folks on the airplane to recognize the danger and save lives," he said.

Gerard Van der Leun bravely plumbed the depths of moonbattery in order to present some examples of what he calls "loss of blogger control." Apparently, some BDS sufferers believe that the uttering of those magic words means now we’re all going to die. Others are openly hoping for — even calling for — Bush’s assassination.

Van der Leun was amazed:

You have to wonder what morally-relativistic, rainbow colored, secular fundament these folks have been wearing for a hat for years. What part of "airplanes into sky-scrapers followed by endless sermons of Hate America and various video tapes shrieking Death to Americans" do they not understand? Have they not gotten the memos from Iran for the last 27 years? Maybe we should set up a fund to buy them all tickets to "United 93" complete with those lidlock devices from "Clockwork Orange." But then again, it has been established that for many, seeing is not believing.

In point of fact, this isn’t even the first time that the President has agreed with someone else’s characterization of the current conflict as World War 3. Last June, Bush spoke about the war at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and he cited a rather different source:

Some wonder whether Iraq is a central front in the war on terror. Among the terrorists, there is no debate. Hear the words of Osama Bin Laden: "This Third World War is raging" in Iraq. "The whole world is watching this war." He says it will end in "victory and glory, or misery and humiliation."

So almost a year ago, Bush agreed with Osama, the man who formally declared war on us, that this is World War 3. His statement on CNBC merely reiterated that. Why did Oliver Willis and friends go so berserk upon hearing it this time? Is it because this time he was agreeing with someone named Beamer instead of someone named bin Laden?

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2 Responses to “Bush calls war war, left goes berserk”

  1. april said

    Good post. I enjoy reading your thoughts. You get it.I think the left is really losing it completely. I also think the country is getting ready to swing hard to starboard, and they know it. I saw a comment to a post recently stating that ‘…the fix is in…’ talking about 2008.They seem to refuse to understand that the majority doesn’t want to be ruled by their idealogic, utopian, welfare state, policies. Anyway, really good post, I enjoy the humor in the title …Left goes berserk…and the aside “…CNBC…that is why so many of us failed to notice it…” An intelligent and witty post, thank you.

  2. Anonymous said

    April, thank you for the very kind words.

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