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Celebrate Carbon Belch Day!

Posted by Richard on June 12, 2008

Today is Carbon Belch Day. Did you register, like I suggested on Monday? As I noted then, increasing your carbon footprint could help protect our forests.

Using the Carbon Belch Calculator, I determined that my one-day carbon belch will emit about 129 pounds of CO2 (the average American's daily output is 41 pounds). Why not calculate your carbon belch? Then, be sure to register your belch by taking the Carbon Belch Day Pledge. Pledgers have already registered over 110 million pounds of CO2 to be released this day! 

Finally, if you can afford it, buy some carbon debits:

Perhaps the most absurd aspect of the entire Climate Alarmist agenda is the burgeoning "carbon credit" industry. To offset our green guilt, we are told to "buy" carbon credits to supposedly neutralize our CO2 footprint. Somehow, this bogus idea of environmental indulgences has become accepted as a real and valid way to deal with our Carbon Guilt.

That's why we've "created" Carbon Belch Debits (CBDs) — a meaningless term that will have just as much impact on Al Gore's "planetary emergency" as the carbon credits.

To increase my carbon belch, I'll be taking a longer lunch so I can run some errands (in an SUV! by myself!), and I'll eat beef. When I get home, I'll mow the lawn. It could wait until the weekend, but what the heck — it's for a good cause. Then I'll spend the evening doing about what I did on March 29 in protest of Earth Hour: maximizing my home energy consumption. (Now that I think about it, that 129 pound calculation is probably an underestimate because the Carbon Belch Calculator has no place to enter all the extra energy consumption I plan.)

As I said back in March, "My ancestors didn't survive the Black Plague and Dark Ages, create the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution, and bring about the past two hundred years of astonishing scientific and technological progress so that we could huddle in the dark."

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