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DEA agent shoots self, sues gov’t. for embarrassing him

Posted by Richard on April 12, 2006

A couple of years ago, DEA agent Lee Paige was doing a "drug education" presentation to a group of Florida students and their parents. During the gun safety part of the presentation, he shot himself in the foot with his "unloaded" pistol. The entire episode was videotaped by a parent, who allegedly turned the tape over to the DEA. Paige is now suing the DEA for letting the tape be disseminated, causing him great humiliation and embarrassment.

The video and Paige’s complaint are both available at (ironically) The Smoking Gun. The video is just unbelievable. Paige shoots himself right after arrogantly asserting that he’s the only person in the room who’s qualified to possess a firearm. It gets truly weird after the gunshot, because Paige tries to carry on as if nothing happened. You really have to see it to believe it.

HT: LaShawn Barber, who correctly characterizes the video as "one of the most surreal sights you’ll see this year."

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2 Responses to “DEA agent shoots self, sues gov’t. for embarrassing him”

  1. Laura Newsom said

    He SHOULD be embarrassed, he was stupid and arrogant! So what if it was shown to the world…it wasn’t a lie, the idiot actually did it! He needs to grow up!! All actions have consequences, including stupid ones.

  2. april said

    BWWAHAHAHA! What a moron! Did you hear the kids shouting when he had someone else bring over a big gun? The CHILDREN were yelling, “Put it down”! What a complete idjit! Too funny. Thanks for the post.Some activist judge will probably award him a big settlement. 😉

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