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Doctoral disarmament

Posted by Richard on June 12, 2006

Via Jed at FreedomSight came news of Wadcutter’s big announcement:

Today I successfully defended my thesis.

I’m Dr. Cutter now! And it only took me seven years!

Holy crap the last couple of months were stressful. I think I’ll go on a two-day bender to calm down.

Some of us Denver-area bloggers with an interest in academic achievement, firearms, and beer (not necessarily in that order) — including Jed, David A, David J, and Nick — were discussing an appropriate celebratory event, such as going shooting or gathering at a local watering hole. Steve "Dr. Cutter" Whipple endorsed the general idea with the immortal words:

We could go shooting, or drinking, or shooting then drinking, or whatever. 

Well, the plan’s been finalized: it’s a Mini Blogger Bash (but no cool graphic so far) at the Baker Street Pub in Lakewood on Saturday, the 17th. Jed has all the details, including directions, and he’d like you to shoot him an email if you plan to attend — just so he can alert the bar if it looks like we’ll be a sizable mob.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering who’s going to break the news to Whipple that he has to give up his guns.

Yeah, I know it sucks, but that bill snuck through the legislature with little attention and almost no vocal opposition. Buncha damned Democrats voted for it ’cause they hate and fear guns. Buncha damned Republicans voted for it ’cause they hate and fear "pointy-headed intellectuals."

In the wake of all the Ward Churchill stories, I can appreciate how a Republican legislator would feel compelled to vote for this bill. It was politically expedient. Especially with Churchill making speeches urging "direct action" — with the implication that he meant killing the "fascist pigs" — and scores of CU academics eagerly supporting him. Who wants a bunch of scraggly, tofu-breath, wanna-be revolutionaries from Boulder running around armed?

The irony is that Churchill doesn’t even have a doctorate, just some bogus "Master of Enlightenment" from an "alternative" college for creating a series of finger-paintings of indigenous peoples.

Nevertheless, the law — which goes into effect July 1 — states that "no Ph.D., full professor, assistant professor, or associate professor may possess a firearm in the state of Colorado, except in the performance of military service or when called upon by civil authority."

Sorry, Dr. Cutter. I really think they should have exempted Ph.D.s in physics, chemistry, engineering, and a few other carefully chosen fields. But they didn’t. Can I have your GP100? Or maybe the Police Service Six? I like Rugers. πŸ™‚

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One Response to “Doctoral disarmament”

  1. Anonymous said

    DON’T joke around about stuff like that to Doc Cutter. He’s been stuck with his head in the books for so long he might actually BELIEVE you!


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