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Don’t Democrats care about Mexicans?

Posted by Richard on March 5, 2008

"NAFTA-gate," the story about the Obama campaign reassuring the Canadian government that his anti-NAFTA campaign talk was just to fool the rubes, is still resonating (and may have hurt him in Ohio). I missed it initially, but apparently there are allegations that the Clinton campaign also contacted the Canadian government about Obama's promise to "opt out" of NAFTA, and questions continue to be asked.

But here's a question I don't think has been asked of either campaign: Did you contact the Mexican government about this issue?

Clearly, threats by leading U.S. presidential candidates to scrap NAFTA have caused concern in both Ottawa and Mexico City. At least one and possibly both Democratic campaigns thought the Canadians deserved some explanations, reassurances, or at least respect. There's no indication that either campaign thought to extend the same courtesy to the Mexicans. 


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