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Drunkblogging the big speech

Posted by Richard on February 25, 2009

Stephen Green is drunkblogging the President's address to Congress tonight, and he's suggested that we play along at home by taking a drink whenever we hear “hope,” “change,” “invest,” or “stimulus.”

I don't have nearly enough alcohol in the house to play that game. Besides, my poor liver wouldn't survive. 

I think I'll watch one of the episodes of Heroes I've got on the DVR. I can read Green's drunkblogging afterward. I'm sure it will be just as informative as watching the speech, and much more enjoyable.

UPDATE: Between the drunkblog and the late news, I know more than I really wanted to know about the speech. 

Did the Prez really talk that fast, or was Steve's perception of time distorted by some mind-altering substance? 

Did the Prez really say this nation invented the automobile? If W had said that, the derisive laughter would have gone on for days.

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One Response to “Drunkblogging the big speech”

  1. Hathor said

    Don’t think he got very drunk.

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