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Duct tape server

Posted by Richard on November 6, 2007

This is several months old, but I just recently learned of it, and it's too cool not to share:

Duct Tape Server was built entirely from four rolls of gray Nashua duct tape, a quarter roll of translucent 3M duct tape, and these computer components:

  • Pentium P4 2.4 GHz
  • Intel SFF Motherboard
  • 1GB twinned DDR RAM
  • 350W PSU
  • 2 80mm LED fans

Check out some of the photos of the PC and its construction (click a thumbnail to see larger images). The machine ran continuously for four days at MillionManLan 6 in June, hosting a 15-person Armagetron tournament. Worked like a champ.

There's not much you can't do if you have enough duct tape. 

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