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Ecosystem weirdness

Posted by Richard on April 27, 2006

If you’re familiar with N.Z.Bear’s TTLB Ecosystem, some occasional strangeness probably doesn’t surprise you. But I thought this was rather ironic: I was out of town for a while visiting family and haven’t blogged in a week (sorry, faithful readers; I could have, but had other things on my mind). Last night, when I visited my blog, I found that I’d risen a couple of hundred places in the ecosystem and reached Large Mammal status. Gee, I wonder how long I’d have to abstain from posting in order to become a Playful Primate?

The odd thing is that my rise was accompanied by a drop of about 40 links, from 230-odd to under 200. So I suppose there was some significant upheaval in the ecosystem that recalibrated everyone downward in links (and consequently upward in ranking).

Anyway, reason has been restored in the ecosystem, and I’m back in the upper reaches of marsupialdom where I belong.

I rather like being a cute, cuddly little marsupial:

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One Response to “Ecosystem weirdness”

  1. butch said

    The same thing happened to Dave

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