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Fact-checking the Denver Post

Posted by Richard on January 1, 2012

A December 28 Denver Post story contained bogus statistics about children and guns. Ari Armstrong called the lead reporter on it. He responded with bluff and bluster, revealing himself to be a total jerk. Ari turned to the Post’s news director. The Post issued a correction, and then a corrected correction.

Interestingly, while they posted an “editor’s note” with the corrected statistics at the bottom of the online story, in the story itself they “corrected” the falsehoods by simply removing the paragraph that contained them.

It’s an amusing and enlightening read, especially the email exchange between Ari and reporter Joey Bunch. Check it out.

HT: Walter in Denver, who has resumed posting after an even longer dry spell than mine. Glad to see you back, Walter! 🙂

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