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Failed policies of the past

Posted by Richard on June 21, 2008

Republican and right-wing pundits are beside themselves because Sen. Obama broke his earlier promise to accept federal matching funds and abide by the campaign spending limits that go with them. I applaud him for rejecting the failed policies of the past: government funding of candidates and campaign finance restrictions.

It's a shame he doesn't reject more of the failed policies of the past.

Like the failed policy of treating Islamofascist terrorism as a law enforcement problem — which, contrary to Obama's attempt to rewrite history, convinced our enemies (according to bin Laden himself) that we were weak and could be destroyed, and led to a series of ever bolder attacks culminating in 9/11.

Like the failed policy of pouring billions in subsidies down "alternative energy" ratholes, while prohibiting drilling in ANWR, prohibiting drilling in the outer continental shelf, prohibiting drilling on 85% of federal lands, and erecting a mountain of regulatory barriers — enough to make a New Delhi bureaucrat blush — that prevented the building of even a single new refinery for the past 31 years.

Like the failed policy of socialism, which more and more Obama supporters are now embracing openly, and which appears to be the ideology embraced by every person who has had a significant intellectual influence on Obama, starting with his father and mother.

Regarding the Democrats' recent clamor for nationalizing the oil industry, Stop the ACLU had the best comment I've seen: "It’s starting to feel like I’m in an Ayn Rand novel for real!" Does that mean if Obama's elected, we should just shrug?

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