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Fallon aiming for veep spot?

Posted by Richard on March 13, 2008

Does being an inept and insubordinate admiral qualify you to be Vice President? In the Democratic Party, it just may. I can hear them crowing, "Admiral Fallon is a military leader who brings national security credentials to the ticket." Frank Gaffney suspects that's what's behind the Admiral's sudden resignation:

Here’s a radical thought: The abrupt resignation Tuesday of the combatant commander of U.S. Central Command, Admiral William J. “Fox” Fallon, is not the end of a career but a move calculated to catapult the former naval officer into the vice-presidential sweepstakes. After all, a military man who has proven himself utterly unserious about the Iranian threat would be perfect running mate for either Senators Obama or Clinton.

The superficial appeal of such a cynical gambit may prove short-lived, however. The more one knows about Admiral Fallon’s conduct as a senior officer in sensitive positions around the world, the more unappealing his candidacy should be. Would any president want on his (or her) team an individual who had engaged in serial acts of insubordination and sabotage of a previous commander-in-chief?

Read the whole thing, so you'll know something about this clown when he takes to the national stage. 

HT: Stephen Green, who quoted Camille Paglia — “Only a masochist or castrate would want to be Hillary’s V.P.” — and suggested that Fallon may be the castrated masochist for the job.

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