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Fame and glory

Posted by Richard on April 19, 2007

Thank you, NBC, for fulfilling a very deranged man's sick desire for fame and glory after his death. And thanks to every other network and local affiliate for jumping on the bandwagon and repeatedly airing every Cho picture and video clip you can get your hands on. After all, you can't let squeamishness or worries about copycats or respect for the victims' families stand in the way of ratings points, can you?

Go ahead, bombard the viewing public day after day, newscast after newscast, with Cho's posed photos designed to make him look powerful and scary and "cool" so that other disturbed youths will view him with admiration and awe, the way he viewed Klebold and Harris. 

Just one thing: After 9/11, not a single news organization ever again showed Americans jumping from the Twin Towers because those images were judged "too disturbing" and "inflammatory." Would someone please explain to me why, with complete unanimity, our media leaders have been so sensitive and concerned about the impact of 9/11 images, but couldn't wait until the bodies were buried to exploit the images and rantings of Cho?

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