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Fleeing Canada for health care choice

Posted by Richard on February 23, 2010

A statist politician presiding over a government with a single-payer health care system has uttered the most succinct, pithy, and on-point argument possible against government-controlled health care. Via Mark Steyn:

If I were minded to make a health care TV ad, I'd rustle up the Premier of Newfoundland's interview on NTV last night. Justifying his decision to eschew the pleasures of the monopoly government health care system he presides over for heart surgery in a Florida hospital, Danny Williams told his fellow Newfs:

It's my health, it's my choice.

As Scaramouche points out, there's your slogan

By the way, the Canadian state does not accept that proposition, which is why, if a Canadian such as Mr Williams wishes to exercise his choice he is obliged to leave the country.

If the Democrats cram Obamacare down our throats, where will Premier Danny Williams and his countrymen go to exercise health care choice? Where will we go? 

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