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Fred’s different, and that’s good

Posted by Richard on September 8, 2007

Stephen Green observed that Fred Thompson's announcement on Leno was somewhat anticlimactic, given all the hype surrounding his non-candidacy, and then added:

UPDATE: Down in the comments, Frank Martin says, "I get the feeling watching Fred that he would drop out of the race tommorow if you showed up fishing pole in hand with a 5lb folgers coffee can full of nightcrawlers."

I get the same feeling, Frank.

Me, too. But I like that about him. It certainly makes getting elected harder, but I'm much more comfortable with a presidential candidate who doesn't lust after the power quite as much as most do. The ones who've devoted every waking moment since they were eleven to achieving the presidency, like John Effin' Kerry, give me the creeps.

OTOH, Thompson's political experience was as a senator. Senators are generally self-important windbags full of opinions and ideas, but completely lacking the skills needed to implement their ideas, or direct others, or run large organizations. (Representatives are the same, only less self-important and more everything else.)

OTOOH, Thompson's a Hollywood actor, and that worked out pretty well last time. 

I dunno. They all suck to some degree. But don't they always? Next spring, maybe it'll become clearer who sucks the least.

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