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Gates and Glock, 5 letters each — coincidence?

Posted by Richard on April 18, 2006

So, I was checking out Gullyborg’s latest Carnival of Cordite (and a fine collection of gun-related posts it is!), and that led me to the excellent Anarchangel post, Glocks and Safety. Chris Byrne clearly explained the difference between an accidental discharge and a negligent discharge, and argued that the former is virtually impossible from a Glock pistol. The latter, unfortunately, is quite possible, and happens more frequently with Glocks than with other pistols. Byrne explained why:

Glocks are the best selling pistol brand in America (the 1911 is the most popular type but is sold under many brands). They are often purchased by people who know little to nothing about guns. They are often issued to police officers who know little to nothing about guns. Also, they are a favorite of criminals, and criminal wannabe’s because of their prevalence in Hip-Hop culture (though this is declining somewhat).

All gun types and brands are sometimes misused; but because of these factors, Glocks are more often misused than any other gun.

Let’s say that again: Glocks have a higher negligent discharge rate because there are more of them; and because their users are on average less experienced with guns.

That got me to thinking, and when Byrne later noted that "Gaston Glock is an arrogant ass," I really thought I’d had a brilliant insight: the Glock pistol is the Microsoft Windows of the firearms world!

But then I remembered that Glocks are utterly reliable.

Never mind. 😉

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4 Responses to “Gates and Glock, 5 letters each — coincidence?”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    Decided to post this here too:


    I rarely ever take issue with anything you say but I can’t let THIS go by!

    RE: your comment on Glocks. That got me to thinking, and when Byrne later noted that “Gaston Glock is an arrogant ass,” I really thought I’d had a brilliant insight: the Glock pistol is the Microsoft Windows of the firearms world!

    But then I remembered that Glocks are utterly reliable.

    I HAVE to say something about this one! You really ought to know better than to

    compare a Glock to Microsoft Windows. Windows is a good looking operating

    system whereas any Glock ever made is the BUTT UGLIEST handgun EVER

    MADE!!! Furthermore Glocks are NOT REPEAT NOT utterly reliable. No handgun

    manufactured is UTTERLY reliable. They will ALL jam every once in a while, even

    Glocks. In fact it has been my experience that a Glock will jam as often as any

    other reasonably well made handgun. I don’t know what it is about Glocks that inspire

    such grievously misplaced loyalty and overconfidence but I do know that is a

    VERY dangerous overconfidence. I don’t know what you carry for protection, but

    since I value your life as a human being (and as a friend albeit one I have not seen

    in some time), I hope that if it IS a Glock that you are not serene in the mistaken

    belief that you have a weapon that will never fail you as this is simply NOT true!

    Even if the weapon were mechanically perfect, (it’s NOT) there is such a thing as

    defective ammo! Even my Ruger P-94, which I consider to be as fine a handgun as has ever been made has failed 1 time in 500 continuous rounds since I have owned it.

    If you never pay attention to anything else I say, PLEASE take this to heart.


    Your Friend (Hopefully),

    Rick Shultz

  2. Anonymous said

    Rick: Windows is good-looking, but Glocks are ugly? Ha ha, that’s funny!

    I don’t own a Glock, but that’s not because they’re ugly. Granted, they’re more utilitarian than beautiful, but so is a pickup truck. My major objection to them is the square, wide slide, which makes them less than ideal for concealment.

    As for reliability: OK, “utterly” is a bit of an overstatement. As you said, ”’nothing”’ is perfectly reliable.

    But I recall an article in ”Handguns” or ”Guns & Ammo” about someone who put ”’17,000 rounds”’ through a Glock 19 without a single failure to feed or fire. I submit to you that that’s about as close to “utterly reliable” as any handgun ever made.

  3. Dakotaranger said

    I know they have survived torture tests, but the Glock I owned never fit my hand, couldn’t hit anything with it, and I prefer if I run out of ammo to have a sidearm heavy enoughthat I can still beat the snot out of a bad guy. Give me a 1911 or an XD which never have failed me

  4. Anonymous said

    I own a Glock Model 27 .40 cal. It’s the most reliable handgun I’ve ever had. I like the squared, flat side. It sits nicely in the small of my back. I did have trouble with the grip fitting my hand correctly, but a pinky extension clip fixed that. I’ve had this gun for 6 years and it has never failed.

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