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Gitmo poll suggests Dem leaders are nuts

Posted by Richard on June 23, 2005

After weeks of accusations of torture and inhumane treatment, increasingly shrill statements from Democrats and left-wing organizations, and a tepid, bumbling, incoherent defense by Republicans, how do the American people feel about the way Gitmo prisoners are treated? Well, it’s not good news for administration critics:

June 22, 2005–A Rasmussen Reports survey found that 20% of Americans believe prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have been treated unfairly. Seven-out-of-ten adults believe the prisoners are being treated "better than they deserve" (36%) or "about right" (34%).

Partisan differences concerning prisoner treatment are huge. Only 7% of Republicans believe Guantanamo prisoners are treated unfairly. Thirty percent (30%) of Democrats hold that view along with 22% of those not affiliated with either major party.

Forty-five percent (45%) of Republicans say the prisoners are treated better than they deserve. That view is shared by 28% of Democrats.

Wow. Even among Democrats, "treated better than they deserve" (28%) is as popular (within 3% margin of error) as "treated unfairly" (30%). Even among Democrats, "treated unfairly" is a two-to-one loser.  

The Dems are just lucky that the Republicans are so — I don’t know — timid, stupid, uncertain, incoherent, disorganized, confused, generally uncommitted to their professed ideals and agenda?

If the Republicans were even half-way competent, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Dick Durbin would have just about destroyed the Democratic Party as a viable political force by now.

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