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Greetings to Gitmo troops

Posted by Richard on December 19, 2006

A number of organizations, including Soldiers’ Angels, Any Soldier, and Move America Forward, have organized efforts to get cards, letters, and gift packages to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope you’ve participated. But what about the troops in Guantanamo? They’re forced to treat with kid gloves some of the vilest and most dangerous men on the planet. They’re routinely bombarded with feces and urine and attacked with improvised weapons. And they’re pretty much forgotten by all the "support the troops" folks.

The prisoners at Gitmo, on the other hand, seem to be fondly remembered by some. According to a retired Army officer on the Bill Bennett show this morning, the 430 or so inmates have received 15,000 cards and packages from "well-wishers."

If you’d like to honor the troops at Gitmo — to send some sweets or just a card saying "Thanks and Happy Holidays" — remember that, due to security concerns, the USPS no longer accepts mail addressed to "Any Soldier" or the like. Address your card or package to:

Col. Wade Dennis (for any troop)

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3 Responses to “Greetings to Gitmo troops”

  1. Jan said

    The guest this morning with Steve Malzberg was Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, his website:

  2. Fidothedog said

    Brilliant idea, I shall pass that around the blogs here in the UK, see if we cant help out some of the forgotten troops on that part of the front line.

  3. Anonymous said

    Thanks, Jan and Fido!

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