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Hillary is not running to lose

Posted by Richard on April 23, 2008

I heard an interesting Obama supporter on the radio this morning. He argued that he and millions like him are justifiably "disgusted" with America and feel like they're living in an "occupied" country. He said there's no freedom because corporate interests and the military-industrial complex control everyone and everything. And he said that Hillary Clinton and the Bushes are part of the same groups that are controlling everything. If Hillary got the nomination, he claimed, she'd "run to lose" in order to serve the interests of these groups that control everything.

Listening to his rant, two thoughts occurred to me. First, I was struck by how much his world-view resembled that of some of the more looney Ron Paul supporters I've listened to. There is a space where the "true believers"* in the messianic ultra-leftist Barack Obama are practically rubbing shoulders with the "true believers" in the libertarian Ron Paul. That space is the fever swamp of generalized disaffection, unfocused resentment, and bizarre conspiracy theories involving mysterious, powerful groups that control everything. I expected this Obama supporter to start ranting about the CFR and Bilderbergers, had he not been cut off.

The second thing that occurred to me is this: Just how divorced from reality do you have to be to believe that Hillary Clinton would take a dive?

* If the phrase "true believers" doesn't immediately ring a bell, I strongly recommend to you Eric Hoffer's essential book about how frustrated, alienated, and dissatisfied individuals are drawn to mass movements, The True Believer.

Oh, yeah — congrats, Sen. Clinton, on a great victory in Pennsylvania. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh will be practically giddy tomorrow about how well Operation Chaos is working. 

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