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Identifying India’s enemies clearly

Posted by Richard on July 12, 2006

In my earlier post about the 7/11 attack on Mumbai, I noted that it wasn’t just about Kashmir, even though a Kashmiri Islamist terror organization seemed to be responsible. Dr. Walid Phares’ new article, The Jihadist War Against India, provides much more detail about the "Laskar" (or "Lashkar") organization responsible and its connections to al-Qaeda, other organizations, and the global Islamofascist movement (bold emphasis added):

The main “movement” that starts in Pakistan and stretches into the Indian province of Kashmir is Laskar-e-Taiba, which was founded in the late 1980s by Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. … In reality, the “Laskars” are another form of Kashmiri Taliban whose aim is to establish an Emirate in the Indian province of Kashmir before joining forces with the Islamists of Pakistan and the Taliban of Afghanistan to create a massive and powerful “Jihadi Principality” in south Asia stretching from Iran to China.

The Laskar Taiba is under the ideological auspices of a Wahhabi-style foundation in Pakistan, the Markaz Dawa ul-Irshad, also created in the late 1980s. Some reports conclude that the “Dawa” is the mother ship, while the “Laskar” is the army, or one of its armed branches. In the jungle of south Asia’s Islamic fundamentalism, networks are intertwined but well connected. … As in the case of Chechnya, the Islamists hijacked the “ethnic cause” and transformed it into a jihadist onslaught. The “Laskar” and their supporters inside Kashmir and the rest of India have in reality moved the center of their struggle from classical separation from India to the establishment of a Taliban regime in northern India, whose real objective would be to radicalize India’s 100-million-strong Muslim community. Reports indicate that this penetration is now embodied by the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), accused by Indian sources of being an associate of the Laskar. Hence, the “Talibanization” of Kashmir’s issue has become the dominant threat to India and by ripple effect also to President Musharref Pakistan. For the second internal enemy to the aggregation of all jihadists from Waziristan to Kashmir is none other but the president of Pakistan. They believe he is “not helping them enough against India,” as they claim on their websites and, obviously, on al-Jazeera.

But above the clouds of the Pakistani-Indian magma, Osama Bin Laden has issued his mortal fatwas against the south Asian “infidel.” In at least their last four messages – audio or video – aired on al-Jazeera or posted on al Sahhab website, Osama bin laden and Zawahiri blasted the Hindus as an abhorred enemy. Lashing out against one billion Hindus in the subcontinent, not distinguishing between governments and individuals, the chief Jihadists ordered their henchmen to shed the blood of the Indian masses on ideological grounds.

Here again, after the U.S., Spain, Britain, Russia, and other target nations of terrorism, India will have to declare the identity of the criminals, not only in term of their names and the names of their organizations, but the name of their ideology and its content. The more jihadists widen their bloody fault lines against the international community, the more they will isolate themselves among “infidels” and Muslims alike.

I’ll say it again — the enemy isn’t terrorism. That’s a tactic. The enemy is a global jihadist movement of Islamofascists. Their beef isn’t about Iraq, or pictures of the prophet, or U.S. imperialism, or Kashmir, or some unspecified slight in Indonesia or one of the hundreds of other places they’ve struck. Their beef is that everyone isn’t a devout Muslim obeying their 7th-century laws — or at least a submissive and respectful dhimmi.

Everyone — Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, whatever — who refuses to convert or submit must either be prepared to fight or to die.

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