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If this were WWII…

Posted by Richard on June 29, 2006

Go read Bill Smith’s wonderful satire at TCS, Times Reveals Enigma Codes:

WASHINGTON (SatireNewsService) — Yesterday, September 11, 1943, the New York Times reported that allied cryptanalysts had been, for several years, decoding top-secret Axis war messages. The Times story revealed that thousands of code-breakers working in a suburb of London had broken Germany’s Enigma military codes.

I especially liked this bit:

Peace groups and administration critics lauded the Times’ decision to publish the story. "This administration has performed numerous illegal acts during this illegal war," said Norman Chomsky, professor of phrenology and astrology at MIT and a leading critic of the American and British war efforts. "We have attacked Italy, which never attacked us. We have illegally sold arms to the British, we have illegally targeted Admiral Yamamoto for assassination, we have illegally jailed and executed so-called ‘German spies’ without benefit of trial. This administration is far worse than the regimes of Hitler, Tojo or Mussolini. It is drunk on power."

Wickedly funny. RTWT.

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3 Responses to “If this were WWII…”

  1. DirtCrashr said

    “This administration is far worse than the regimes of Hitler, Tojo or Mussolini. It is drunk on power.”

    Unfortunatley that’s just about exactly what my old, Red, parents believe about WWII. That it was wrong.

    Really pisses me off too.

  2. TF Stern said

    Thank you. I’ll print that out to send to my folks; my dad was a radio man in the Navy durign WWII and would appreciate the effort made in that satire. What’s the old WWII warning, “Loose lips sink ships”.

  3. Anonymous said

    Speaking of “Loose lips sink ships” — did you see Michelle Malkin’s “anti-blabbermouth” posts? Her Photoshop-savvy readers updated some WWII posters on the subject.

    Check out this post and this one. Priceless!

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