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It’s about time

Posted by Richard on February 5, 2011

Shannon Sharpe is one of the greatest characters in the world of professional football — articulate, funny, outrageous, charismatic, and genuine. He was also the best tight end ever to play the game. So said John Elway, and the record book backs him up.

Sharpe owns all the tight end records. He redefined the role. And he should have been a slam dunk (to mix sports metaphors) to go into the Hall of Fame two years ago when first eligible. This year, he's finally been inducted.

And just in time. His grandmother, who's in a nursing home, soon turns 89. Sharpe said his goal all his life has been to make his grandmother proud, because she's the one who made him the man he is. I'm sure she's been proud of him for many years, but this is the icing on the cake.

Tonight's 10PM local news showed video of him addressing the press, and I wish I could find that video. It was quite moving. There's a short one-on-one interview from ESPN on YouTube.

Congratulations, Shannon, and thanks for so many wonderful memories. 

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