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Jack Murtha, Perry L Nunley, and rednecks

Posted by Richard on October 22, 2008

On his show earlier today, Hugh Hewitt was touting a new website he helped launch. It's, and it's:

a community of music makers and lovers hoping to restore some of that lost quality to what we call "popular" music.

Artists upload their music to be listened to, rated, reviewed, and tagged

Fans choose the songs that make it to the radio by listening to and rating songs weekly

Each week the highest rated songs from gets played on nationally-syndicated radio.

Hewitt is playing clips from the site and will feature the highest rated song each week. 

Hewitt was also talking about Rep. Jack Murtha, the contemptible swine who called the Haditha Marines "cold-blooded murderers" (they've since been cleared). Last week Murtha said many of his constituents are racists, then apologized, and now has "clarified" his remarks by "explaining" that western Pennsylvania is full of rednecks.

You're probably wondering what in the world Jack Murtha has to do with Well, I'll tell you.

In "honor" of Murtha, Hewitt played a song posted to, Redneck Date by Perry L Nunley. Folks, that's the best damn song I've heard in a long time! Go listen, and crank it up!

Then listen to the other Nunley songs. Waiting On The Mailman is a nice little country blues number with a punch line that just cracked me up. Empty Bottles is another simply terrific song. And finally, listen to his soldier's song, When Freedom Rings. Damn, this guy's good!

I’ve got thirty rounds of justice in my magazine. I back it up with a Navy F-18. The business end on an Apache, Is trouble like you ain't seen. I’m the one who answers when freedom rings.

Remember the name — Perry J Nunley. If record companies don't beat a path to his door, there's something wrong with that industry.

(Note: The site was down for a long time this evening — I suspect 90% of Hewitt's audience went there and took out the server. It's up for now, but if you can't reach it, try again later.)

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6 Responses to “Jack Murtha, Perry L Nunley, and rednecks”

  1. dan said

    thanks – I think he is super and hope your help will get him a chance to be heard

  2. rgcombs said

    Thank ”you”, Dan. My modest readership isn’t going to build a groundswell of support, but I do what I can. I think Nunley is terrific and just hope a few people end up listening to his songs and sharing my opinion.

    I think is a pretty great idea, and I’ll be checking out some of the other artists who post songs there, too.

    Thanks for stopping by! And please help spread the word!

  3. rgcombs said

    Oh, one more thing, dear readers: If you’d like to help “retire” the despicable Rep. John Murtha (a.k.a. “King of Pork”), please go contribute to his opponent, retired Lt. Col. Bill Russell. BTW, he’s a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, too.

  4. Perry Nunley said

    THANK YOU for your kind remarks regarding my songs!! I also happen to agree that Murtha is long overdue for retirement! I’m in Colorado and it’s all we can do to keep this state from turning ‘Blue’ and it seems to be a losing battle, hopefully things will go better in PA. Thanks again!

  5. rgcombs said

    Perry, you’re more than welcome, and thanks for stopping by! BTW, I’m in Denver myself.

  6. rebecca said

    This is not the first I have heard Perry’s music. I am a great fan and would really like to see more people exposed to him. After last night I need something positive to restore my faith in many of my fellow Americans. Perry, You rock!

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