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Larry the Lynx lives!

Posted by Richard on August 14, 2009

Good news! Frontier Airlines is not going away:

DENVER – Frontier Airlines announced on Thursday evening that Republic Airways Holdings won the auction for the Denver-based airline and not rival Southwest Airlines.

Frontier went up for auction on Thursday as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

"Republic submitted the highest and best bid," according to a release from Frontier. "This plan provides for Frontier and Lynx to maintain normal operations as a subsidiary of Republic."

"It's business as usual at Frontier, go ahead and book your travel for fall, winter, into next summer, we're going to be here," Frontier spokesman Steve Snyder said.

A lot of people are focusing on what the Republic victory means for Denver, the employees, customers, etc. But I'm delighted because Southwest was going to absorb Frontier. Republic will treat Frontier as a wholly-owned subsidiary. That means that Larry, Jack, Griz, Flip, Sal, Foxy, Hector, and all the other Frontier animals will remain on the tails of those planes, and the delightful and award-winning animal ads will continue. I think it's one of the best ad campaigns ever.

I just love that lynx. 

Larry the Lynx, Frontier spokescat

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2 Responses to “Larry the Lynx lives!”

  1. Hathor said

    I remember flying Fronteir Airlines on DC3’s from Houston, TX to Lawton, OK.

  2. rgcombs said

    DC3?? Wow. I think that was well before Larry the Lynx came along. 🙂

    Those were great planes, though. Crude as hell, by today’s standards, but nothing would bring one down. Some of the stories I’ve read about C47s (the military version) are just amazing.

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