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Let’s hope they play the Palin card

Posted by Richard on September 20, 2010

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic is urging the Obama administration to "play the Palin card," and Doctor Zero hopes they do. In a brilliant piece cross-posted at his blog and Hot Air, he offered a spot-on analysis of why doing so would be a big mistake for them and good news for the limited government, pro-freedom movement — and for Palin. The piece was linked by both Instapundit and James Taranto, and they both quoted a paragraph that's a truly wonderful rant. But it isn't just all rant.

The entire piece is excellent and quite insightful. I especially liked this:

I hope the White House takes Ambinder’s advice, because it would be suicidal.  His crack about Palin’s “reveling in the culture wars” betrays his ignorance.  He is confused by the details of her biography, and the sincere affection she earns from her admirers.  His Palin Card is drawn from the wrong suit.  She’s the Queen of Diamonds, not the Queen of Hearts.  Her most impressive statements over the last two years have been on matters of economics, policy, and politics.  She has shredded the Administration over health care, the Gulf oil spill, and unrestrained government spending.  She’s endorsed dozens of primary candidates, with something like a 70% success rate.  Her most notable clashes with “culture” have involved asking it to stop making rape jokes about her daughters.

And this (emphasis in original):

There are lots of colorful personalities making news during this election season, but these elections are not about personality.  Describing them as expressions of unreasoning anger against the Democrats underestimates the thoughtfulness and determination of the Tea Party movement.  Voters are not just looking for scapegoats to punish for a lousy economy.  They are preparing to act against the system itself, in a manner without precedent in modern history.  Palin understands this better than any other frontrunner for the 2012 Presidential nomination.  Her presumptive rivals have ties to various aspects of that system, as with Mitt Romney’s precursor to ObamaCare in Massachusetts.  Too many of them treat the repeal of ObamaCare as a sensitive topic, while Palin uses it as a battle cry.

Exactly. Read the whole thing.

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