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More food stamps, and many more government limousines

Posted by Richard on June 2, 2011

Billll noticed an interesting juxtaposition of data: food stamp participation is up 39%, and government limousine use is up 73%. Michelle Malkin has the depressing food stamp graph, while iWatch has more details on the Obama administration surge in government limousines (HT for both links: Doug Ross).

I'm not surprised by either statistic. We are governed by people whose goal is to diminish the private sector and increase dependency on government, while increasing the size and power of government. They are succeeding.

And as is typical of socialists, they're making sure that, as Orwell put it, "some animals are more equal than others."

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2 Responses to “More food stamps, and many more government limousines”

  1. Hathor said

    Wouldn’t you think, using the same criteria of years ago, that high unemployment and underemployment would drive the applications for more food stamps?

    Many food banks have been exhausted in some areas where there isn’t any economic upturn.

    Just think of those retirees who lost 30% of their retirement funds.

  2. rgcombs said

    You’re right. But the reason for the anemic economy and lack of job creation is the misguided policies of this administration — huge spending increases, “stimulus” programs that stimulated only the growth of government, mountains of new regulations and red tape, etc., etc.

    I see two possible explanations for why such destructive policies have been relentlessly pursued:

    (1) Maybe the people responsible understood what would happen — growing the government, shrinking the private sector, and fostering more dependency on the former — and this is what they wanted.

    (2) Maybe they’re so economically illiterate and obstinate in their ignorance that they remain convinced that their policies are good for the economy despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Normally in such situations, I try to remember [ Hanlon’s (or Heinlein’s) Razor], and thus would lean toward explanation (2). But I’ve been told so many times how incredibly smart and well-educated people like Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner are …

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