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Muslims rally against terrorism

Posted by Richard on May 15, 2005

Free Muslims Against Terrorism held a rally today in Washington, D.C. Here’s how the group describes itself:

The Free Muslims Against Terrorism is a nonprofit organization made up of American Muslims and American Arabs of all backgrounds who feel that religious violence and terrorism have not been fully rejected by the Muslim community in the post 9-11 era.

Free Muslims was created to eliminate broad base support for Islamic extremism and terrorism and to strengthen secular democratic institutions in the Middle East and the Muslim World by supporting Islamic reformation efforts.

Over 70 organizations endorsed the rally, from the Alliance for Democracy In Iran to the Objectivist Center. But the big "mainstream" Muslim groups, like CAIR and MSA (which Daniel Pipes says are Wahhabi/Saudi funded and controlled) opposed it.

The Autonomist live-blogged it. Sadly, only about 150 people showed up (they had hoped for 1000).

As a Life Member of the Libertarian Party, I was saddened — and embarrassed — by this, too (emphasis added):

1:29: Rocco just spoke with a representative of the Libertarian party who described Mr. Nawash [founder of Free Muslims] as a "dupe of the neocons." She went on to state that the neocons will use his speech to boost their cause." "Their cause" was defined by her to be making war with Iran and Iraq. When asked for evidence of this she simply stated: "Just go on to some websites and read about it." Real specific, huh?

With representation such as this, no wonder the Libertarian party membership is in a downward spiral.

Rocco also stated that he has been handed a flyer with not only the Green party info, but also with Libertarian info as well. He asked if this was usual for the two parties, and was told "no, only in cases of war."

Well, maybe she wasn’t an official representative of the LP… (Although there were those flyers…)

Does the LP now think the US government is so eeevil that Islamofascists and socialists are more palatable?

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2 Responses to “Muslims rally against terrorism”

  1. Anonymous said

    So where’s the signup sheet for the group taking back the LP?

    Walter []

  2. Anonymous said

    Good question, Walter! Want to start circulating one? 🙂

    I guess the Neolibertarian Network being promoted at is a way of getting together people who reject the current LP foreign policy position. Its focus/purpose isn’t changing the LP, but it might be a way to start kicking the idea around.


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