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Obama bombs in Israel

Posted by Richard on July 23, 2008

Dems in Israel for McCainThe MSM are ignoring or downplaying it, of course, but Barack Obama is not well-liked in Israel and is having a difficult time there. Hecklers challenged his stand/straddle/waffle on Jerusalem during his Wailing Wall visit. Democrats for McCain seemed to outnumber Obama supporters.

During a visit to the Yad Vashem Memorial, Obama was asked twice for assurances that there would be no second holocaust on his watch, and he wouldn't answer.

He was also caught lying saying something inartful about his role in the Senate:

"Just this past week, we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, which is my committee, a bill to call for divestment from Iran, as a way of ratcheting up the pressure to ensure that they don't obtain a nuclear weapon."

Not only is it not his committee, but he's not even a member. And he had nothing to do with the bill. 

UPDATE (7/24): It gets even better. According to Power Line (via Gateway Pundit), last fall Obama opposed a similar amendment to impose sanctions on Iran (emphasis added):

During the run-up to the primaries, Senator Obama did not appear in the Senate to vote on the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment calling on the government to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist entity and thus suffer the imposition of sanctions. On the day of the vote on the amendment, however, Obama issued a statement announcing that he would have voted against it. In the statement, the closest he came to addressing the merits of the amendment was his assertion that "he does not think that now is the time for saber-rattling towards Iran." The amendment passed the Senate 76-22 on September 26, 2007, with many Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Richard Durbin, and Chuck Schumer voting in its favor.

I guess he could argue that September wasn't the time for "saber-rattling," but July (when he's visiting Israel) is. 

Gateway Pundit has all this and more. There must be almost ten posts just about Obama in Israel, with scores of older posts about previous stops. Don't worry about the links to specific posts above, just go to the main page and keep reading — it's your one-stop source for all the Obama trip info that doesn't make it to the evening news. 

Ehud Olmert seemed to get along well with Obama. But then, he's the corrupt, cowardly leader who engineered the release of Samir Kuntar, a brutal and savage child killer and proud Islamofascist, in exchange for the mutilated bodies of two Israelis, hoping it would further the "peace process" and give "closure" to the families of the dead Israelis. Thus teaching these barbarians that they can torture and kill their captives and still use their remains as bargaining chips.

That's Kuntar below, getting a hero's welcome from his Hezbollah buddies in Lebanon. Disgusting beyond belief.

Sami Kuntar

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4 Responses to “Obama bombs in Israel”

  1. Mo'thanskin (Roosevelt) said

    Either Barack Obama is doing some big time political pandering to get the Jewish vote or he really is a neoconservative Zionist pawn. Hard line Jewish Zionists are no better than Hamas, in my opinion. Israeli occupation of the West bank and isolation of Gaza is wrong but Obama chose not to condemn Israel for it. East Jerusalem is supposed to be Palestine’s capital despite the Jewish Zionists determination for an “undivided” Jerusalem. Obama disappoints me in his Bush like Middle East policies.

  2. rgcombs said

    Mo, you really should learn more about the history of the “Zionist occupation” of “Palestine.” This post is a good place to start, especially the Flash movie I linked to there.

    And as for “no better than Hamas,” are you ”really” claiming moral equivalence between Israel’s efforts to prevent more bombings of pizza parlors and school buses and the Palestinian’s deliberate targeting of civilians (and use of their own civilians as shields) (and Kuntar’s crushing of a 4-year-old’s skull) in order to rid the world of “Jewish pigs”? Well …

    Don’t get me started. It’s late, and I’ve had several adult beverages, and I don’t want to get really nasty and rude.

    But, as always, thanks for stopping by.

  3. RedPencil said

    “neoconservative Zionist pawn”

    Thanks Mo.

    Will add that to my collection of “interesting” uses of the word “neoconservative”.

    Also I will have to remember to alert the next meeting of neoconservative Zionist overlords that we gotta get better pawns than Obama.

  4. Hathor said

    It seems Olmert is following in the tradition of the last PM’s.

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