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Obama the African Colonial

Posted by Richard on June 29, 2009

The American Thinker has a fascinating article by L.E. Ikenga that, it seems to me, precisely nails Barack Obama:

Had Americans been able to stop obsessing over the color of Barack Obama's skin and instead paid more attention to his cultural identity, maybe he would not be in the White House today. The key to understanding him lies with his identification with his father, and his adoption of a cultural and political mindset rooted in postcolonial Africa.

Like many educated intellectuals in postcolonial Africa, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was enraged at the transformation of his native land by its colonial conqueror. But instead of embracing the traditional values of his own tribal cultural past, he embraced an imported Western ideology, Marxism. I call such frustrated and angry modern Africans who embrace various foreign "isms", instead of looking homeward for repair of societies that are broken, African Colonials. They are Africans who serve foreign ideas.

The tropes of America's racial history as a way of understanding all things black are useless in understanding the man who got his dreams from his father, a Kenyan exemplar of the African Colonial.

Before I continue, I need to say this: I am a first generation born West African-American woman whose parents emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970's from the country now called Nigeria. I travel to Nigeria frequently. I see myself as both a proud American and as a proud Igbo (the tribe that we come from — also sometimes spelled Ibo). Politically, I have always been conservative (though it took this past election for me to commit to this once and for all!); my conservative values come from my Igbo heritage and my place of birth. Of course, none of this qualifies me to say what I am about to — but at the same time it does.
My friends, despite what CNN and the rest are telling you, Barack Obama is nothing more than an old school African Colonial who is on his way to turning this country into one of the developing nations that you learn about on the National Geographic Channel. Many conservative (East, West, South, North) African-Americans like myself — those of us who know our history — have seen this movie before. Here are two main reasons why many Americans allowed Obama to slip through the cracks despite all of his glaring inconsistencies:

First, Obama has been living on American soil for most of his adult life. Therefore, he has been able to masquerade as one who understands and believes in American democratic ideals. But he does not. Barack Obama is intrinsically undemocratic and as his presidency plays out, this will become more obvious. Second, and most importantly, too many Americans know very little about Africa. The one-size-fits-all understanding that many Americans (both black and white) continue to have of Africa might end up bringing dire consequences for this country. 

Read the whole thing

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5 Responses to “Obama the African Colonial”

  1. Hathor said

    Political philosophy is now heritable?

  2. rgcombs said

    No, it’s not — humans have volitional consciousness. They don’t ”inherit” values, beliefs, and ideas, they ”choose” them. And Ms. Ikenga made it quite clear that that’s what Obama did (emphasis added):

    “The key to understanding him lies with his ”’identification”’ with his father, and his ”’adoption”’ of a cultural and political mindset rooted in postcolonial Africa.”

    Identification and adoption — acts of choice — not inheritance.

  3. Hathor said

    You see I believe his influence to be his mother and grandparents and more identification with his grandfather. I think that his ideas were formed before his father died and I didn’t get the impression from his first book that he had the kind of identification the article states.

    As you know that at nineteen one can have fully firmed political ideas.

  4. Hathor said

    Meant “fully formed”

  5. Hathor said

    Do you think President Obama has read Ikenga?

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