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Obama touts Vegas, Obamacare, and dental hygiene

Posted by Richard on February 20, 2010

I've got a bumper sticker from the Independence Institute that has a circle-slashed Obama logo and says "He's not my doctor" (a take-off on the one popular among leftists during the Bush years that said "He's not my president"). Now I think I need another one that says "He's not my dentist, either."

While in Sin City today trying to prop up the fading electoral hopes of Harry Reid, the President completely forgot that he'd previously denounced corporate meetings in Las Vegas as unseemly and gambling trips to Las Vegas as irresponsible. Suddenly, he was cheering for the Vegas tourism industry he'd done such harm to earlier. 

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman still refused to meet with the President.

But this is really about dentistry. Presented with a "What's in it for me?" question about Obamacare from a dentist, the President "hoped" that it would include dental and vision coverage. Hey, the new plan that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have been crafting in secret is reportedly all but finished — so he should know what it includes, shouldn't he? 

According to the President, cavities in children are a "huge" national problem that hinders their ability to get a good education. Really. 

And he wants everyone to floss. I wouldn't be surprised if the new Obamacare plan included an individual mandate to floss. And wash behind your ears. 

[YouTube link]

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One Response to “Obama touts Vegas, Obamacare, and dental hygiene”

  1. dental roseville ca said

    This is great! this will inform vegas and also others that dental hygiene is important.

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