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Oh, those hated Raiders

Posted by Richard on November 24, 2008

I bet you didn't know this: there's a city ordinance in Denver that requires all uses of the proper noun "Raiders," spoken or print, to be preceded by the adjective "hated."

So today the Broncos played host to the hated Raiders. And the outcome sucked. 

That's the trouble with having to rely on lots of young players. Sometimes they provide the energy and enthusiasm that really makes a difference, like the previous two weeks. But sometimes they bring inexperience and errors. 

But, really, most of the blame for today's humiliating defeat belongs to Jay Cutler. When he's on his game, he's every bit as great a QB as he thinks he is. But when he's off, he really stinks up the place.

Oh, well — the Chargers lost, too, so nothing much changed in the division. 

And later tonight, 24: Redemption was good enough to make me forget the game. You've got to love a show where the first villain you see is a cowardly, duplicitous U.N. "peacekeeper" who keeps braying "We remain neutral!" and then sells out a bunch of kids. Now that's realism.

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2 Responses to “Oh, those hated Raiders”

  1. Jan said

    I watched 24 for the very first time last night and now I know why the show is so popular. I’m probably hooked for this season. That UN dolt was a too-realistic villian.

  2. rgcombs said

    About time — it’s been on for six seasons! Welcome to the cult. 🙂

    I should take this opportunity to correct something I said in my 24 teaser post. I misunderstood. ”Redemption” wasn’t the premier episode of the 7th season, it was just something extra, a ”24” “event.”

    The 7th season, all 24 hours of it, begins Sunday, Jan. 11. More info here.

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