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Palin hit it out of the park

Posted by Richard on September 4, 2008

Wow. Just wow. Last week, I was impressed by Barack Obama's speech. He's a fine orator and it was elegant rhetoric. Tonight, I was blown away by Sarah Palin. No, she wasn't an elegant orator. She was something better. She was poised, strong, smart, charismatic, funny — and genuine.

If you missed it, the video is here.

My favorite line (out of many great ones): "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities."

I have an idea for John McCain's nomination acceptance speech tomorrow night. It goes something like this:

My friends, some people have tried to make an issue of my age. I submit that the examples of Ronald Reagan and my 92-year-old mother, who's here with us tonight, demonstrate that I'm not. I'm strong and healthy and ready to serve as your president.

But by the time we meet again to select a presidential nominee, I will have served my country for almost 60 years. I think that's enough. I will have earned the right to retire.

Four years from now, I plan to ask you to accept Vice President Sarah Palin as your candidate for President. <thunderous applause>


I can see the ticket now:

 Palin/Jindal 2012


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5 Responses to “Palin hit it out of the park”

  1. Olivia said

    Jindal? Aw, hell no. Unlike Palin, his creationist idiocy does show up in his public policy.

  2. rgcombs said

    Does it really? I’m not up to speed on that.

    All I know about Palin’s creationism is what David Harsanyi said: “… Palin’s comment regarding intelligent design should hold some appeal to libertarians. Even if you find the idea inane, in essence, Palin pushed the idea that parents, rather than the state, should decide what children are learning.”

    How does Jindal differ?

    Anyway, I’d hope that even a conservative (if halfway consistent) would agree that local school curricula are not the concern of the President or Vice President. 🙂

  3. rgcombs said

    In any case, I believe that a Palin/Jindal ticket is so strategically and tactically appealing, so compelling on so many levels, that unless one of the two screws up in the meantime, we’re likely to see it regardless of what you or I think. I’m just prognosticating…

  4. Hathor said

    Then are you saying the ID should be taught as a scienticfic theory in a public school or university, if the local school board or state law approves it.

    This would also force many teaches and college professors to break the law as they did in my Tennessee high school and at the University of Tennesse, that were concerned that their students would be as scientifically literate as the rest of the world.

  5. RedPencil said

    Jindal on Creationism: In June he signed a bill that was trumpeted by the Discovery Institute as part of their wedge strategy to put creationism in schools ( to “teach the controversy” as if there were one, don’cha know). He had previously, on many occasions, declared this to be his intent.And he has used too many Discovery Institute talking points for this to be a coincidence.

    Pity, I really liked Jindal before I heard this… but I have NO patience with creationism in a science classroom, and further suspect that someone who (like Jindal) seems too smart to believe this stuff but truckles to its advocates anyway does so out of a significant character flaw…

    Now, Palin is another matter. She has been involved in educational issues for a long time and the most she has said is that if a student mentions creationism in class it would be ok to talk about it. And that she has no pretensions to understanding how God created the world. (This suggests a less than literal belief in Genesis at least.)

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