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Proud to be a chicken hawk

Posted by Richard on May 2, 2006

Certain elements of the anti-war left — the 98% who can’t or won’t use rational argument and thus give the rest of them a bad name — like to sneer at people like me as "chicken hawks" and "fighting keyboardists."

Their point, apparently, is that the military, not elected civilians, should determine U.S. foreign policy.

Or maybe their point is that if you oppose crime, you’re morally obligated to join the police force.

Or maybe it’s just that calling people names is much easier and way more fun than critical thinking.

That’s a chicken hawk on the right. Pretty cool bird, actually. Not really much of an insult. [Yeah, I’ve heard of the urban slang term "chickenhawk" (one word); but that’s not this chicken hawk (two words). So there.]

Anyway, rather than object, complain, or argue against all the "chicken hawk" and "fighting keyboardist" nonsense, Frank J of IMAO, Derek Brigham of Freedom Dogs, and Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters decided to have some fun with it. So, they created the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and adopted the chicken hawk as their mascot. Derek created the spiffy logo below.

In his inimitable, unmedicated fashion, Frank J answered every conceivable question (and some inconceivable ones) about chicken hawks and the 101st Fighting Keyboardists in his FAQ. Here’s a taste:

Q. So why do supporters of the war get called "chicken hawks" like its an insult?
A. Well, the short answer is some people are morons.

Q. What’s the long answer?
A. Back when man first started to learn to use tools, certain spears were made using…

Q. What’s the medium-length answer?
A. Many liberals, in their diminished mental capacities, like to have a word or phrase to shout over and over in lieu of the mental preparedness needed for an actual debate of issues. Fighting tyranny is a complicated issue, and, rather than admit they’re on the side of tyranny, many liberals will try to avoid debate altogether in any way possible.

Q. Liberals seem to use the phrase "chicken hawk" against people who aren’t in the military? Do liberals want a government where decisions are only made by those in the military?
A. No, they hate the military.

Q. But they say they support the troops!
A. And you can train a parrot to say the same thing. That doesn’t mean anything.

I’ve enlisted in the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and added their blogroll in the right sidebar. To keep the page from getting absurdly long, I "borrowed" some CSS from The Anti-PC League (tweaked it a bit) to put the blogrolls on the right into scroll boxes. What do you think?

Derek of Freedom Dogs is considering making this logo available on a T-shirt. If you’re interested, drop by this post and let him know.

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2 Responses to “Proud to be a chicken hawk”

  1. Anonymous said

    That’s pretty cool, I may have to blog this too!

  2. comralf said

    Looking for someone who knows a little about the history of Iraq. Specifically someone who can provide an intelligent answer to those who say for instance “Iraqi’s have never gotten along with each other and never will”. I have a difficult time believing that but having only limited knowledge of the history of the Iraqi people I cannot come back with a good reply.

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