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Regulating political speech: the next step

Posted by Richard on October 4, 2007

The long national nightmare of the Bush-Cheney-Halliburton police state continues unabated, and the authoritarian forces determined to stifle all dissent in Amerikka are ready to unleash the next nefarious step: some lackey of George W. Bush with not a shred of respect for or understanding of the U.S. Constitution wants to censor those who disagree with him, enforce "standards for political discourse," and establish a rating system (I'm not making this up) for political speech. The nerve of these facist neo-con Republicans!

Oh, wait … I was a bit confused. It's not a lackey of George W. Bush, it's a lackey of Hillary Rodham Clinton: namely, the Butcher of Bosnia and one-time weird presidential candidate, Gen. Wesley Clark. Allahpundit has the video, and McQ has the transcript highlights.

I've said it before: it's getting harder and harder to satirize the left these days. Scott Ott at ScrappleFace still does a great job, but just look how quickly reality caught up with Ott's satire from this past Monday (emphasis added):

Phony Vets for Truth, an non-profit group comprised of ex-military personnel who have publicly and deceptively disparaged the United States, the president or fellow U.S. troops in time of war, applauded “Sen. Reid’s bravery, and his appropriate use of senate debate time to discuss Mr. Limbaugh’s scurrilous remarks.”

In a statement completely independent of the Democrat National Committee, Phony Vets for Truth, a non-partisan think tank, also said: “When private citizens start to believe that they can say whatever they want without being subject to the normal democratic process of selective sound-bite editing, and selective outrage, then it’s time for Congress to take action.”

Obviously, just two days later, Wes Clark was speaking on behalf of Phony Vets for Truth. 

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