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Safer schools

Posted by Richard on September 28, 2006

Yesterday’s school shooting in Bailey, an idyllic mountain community 40 miles southwest of Denver, has people talking about school safety again. CBS4Denver did a news segment entitled "Why Aren’t Our Schools Safer?" The only concrete suggestions were: (1) put in lots of security cameras; (2) have only one entrance, with "watchful eyes" on it.

In the Bailey incident, a stranger walked in off the street, gun drawn, and fired warning shots. How would it have helped to have an extra video camera or an unarmed, defenseless person watching the gunman as he entered?

Years ago, the Israelis had a problem with Paleostinian gunmen attacking schoolchildren. They armed the teachers and staff, and the attacks on schools stopped. In fact, the Paleostinians largely gave up attacking civilians with small arms when it became standard practice for the intended victims to shoot back.

The Paleostinians developed the tactic of suicide bombing as an alternative. It’s unlikely to become popular with people other than the crazed Jihadists who "love death."

One big safety problem with our schools is their designation as "gun-free zones." This ensures any criminal or madman bent on violence that all the law-abiding people inside are unarmed and helpless. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, somehow the liberals — and even many conservatives — have managed to convince themselves that a "No Guns Allowed" sign has some sort of magical power to deter a sociopath who’s prepared to commit mayhem, rape, and murder.

If you’re a non-gun-owner, listen to me carefully: You are not safer in a "gun-free zone" — you are less safe. Always. Even if you don’t choose to arm yourself ever. The "gun-free" designation cannot and will not protect you from violent predators or reckless and irresponsible people. But it can prevent honest, responsible, concerned people from coming to your defense.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not claiming that more guns are a panacea. There are no panaceas, and utopia is not an option. I’m simply saying that it’s foolish and irresponsible to pretend you can remove all guns when you can only remove those that are least likely to do harm and most likely to do good.

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2 Responses to “Safer schools”

  1. VRB said

    Those gun free zones were meant for the students or their acquaintances. That’s where most schools had problems in the not so idyllic world.

    An armed policeman would work better than a video cam. It seems to work here in Phily. Even an unarmed parent has to be scrutinized entering some schools.

  2. Anonymous said

    The problem with gun violence has stretched well beyond schools, and school zones. The reason schools get so much attention is the emotional ties to children and schools themselves. Schools and children are kept in our hearts as innocence at its purest form.

    Guns are not the culprit, the wacko is! The lack of the honest law abiding citizen carring and being prepared to defend the defenseless has led to the unsurpassed gun violence. I have asked the question several times, but with very little response. “Do we blame the automobile and manufacture for automobile accidental deaths?” Of course not, it is the operator!!

    Be prepared, an automobile could be used to kill far more children on a playground! So what will the answer be to that, 12 foot high brick walls surrounding all playgrounds?

    Just my two cents.

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