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Scott McInnis doesn’t remember what he wrote

Posted by Richard on July 14, 2010

On tonight's 10 PM newscast, 7News investigative reporter John Ferrugia questioned Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis about the plagiarism scandal in which he's embroiled. McInnis has blamed a "researcher" who worked for him (the "researcher" said McInnis is to blame). Here's the exchange as I recall it:

Ferrugia: How much of it did you write? 

McInnis: I don't …

Ferrugia: 50%? 

McInnis: No, I … 

Ferrugia: Less than 50%? 

McInnis: I don't know.

Yeah, that's the kind of poltroon we need running the state. Another great job by the establishment Republicans, who pressured Josh Perry to get out of the race and tried to anoint McInnis (like they tried to anoint the contemptible Jane Norton).

Best wishes to longshot challenger Dan Maes. But he's got problems of his own. What a sorry state of affairs. In a year when genuine conservative Republicans ought to have a better than even chance almost anywhere, Colorado's idiot Republican puppet-masters are once again putting the party in a position to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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2 Responses to “Scott McInnis doesn’t remember what he wrote”

  1. David Aitken said

    Yep, R’s are in a tough spot. I’m not up on election laws, but I think their best bet is to wait for the primary results and then “persuade” the winner to drop out. If the grand poobahs can make that happen, they’ll wind up with a candidate who has not been chosen by the voters and will carry all the insider baggage that they deserve, except maybe in the case of Penry. Of course, if Maes wins the primary and won’t drop out, then they’ve got a real cat fight on their hands. Anything that plays games with election laws this close to the primary just hands ammunition to the Dems. It will be fun, in a perverse sort of way, to watch them implode. F’ing morons.

  2. rgcombs said

    Well, they’re not called the Stupid Party (even by some of their own members) for nothing.

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