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Second Amendment Carnival XI

Posted by Richard on April 24, 2007

I finally got around to checking out this month's Second Amendment Carnival at Free Constitution, and I encourage you to drop by if you have even a passing interest in firearms-rights issues. I've barely sampled the many links, and I've seen some serious, high-quality, thought-provoking posts. Some pretty funny and fun stuff, too.

For instance, Acme Anvil Co. argued persuasively (and with tongue in cheek, I assume) that a Guiliani administration would buy you a gun if you can't afford one. More seriously, Politics, Guns & Beer (great name for a blog) compared carrying a gun to wearing a seat belt in a terrific treatise on firearms — and it's only Part 1. How does a 21-year-old coed from Idaho become so wise?

Beyond that, you'll find links to Rhymes With Right, The Smallest Minority, Say Uncle, LawDog, and more — a fine collection of posts that you really should check out. 

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One Response to “Second Amendment Carnival XI”

  1. Laurel Zimmer said

    Hey, thanks for the link! I’m glad you enjoyed my piece. I’m working on section 2, but it’s temporarily on the back burner as I’m a) now fighting the University of Idaho concealed weapon policies and b) planning a wedding. Check in soon, though! 🙂

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