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Silence the Einstein deniers

Posted by Richard on September 23, 2011

Scientists at the CERN lab in Switzerland claim that they've observed neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. What nonsense! The science has long been settled. There's a consensus. All reputable scientists are in complete agreement regarding the speed limit of the universe.

These Einstein deniers are just doing the bidding of large multinational corporations and special interests that stand to benefit from having the speed limit of the universe overturned (although I'm not sure who they might be…).

This is just as reprehensible as denying that the Holocaust took place or that anthropogenic global warming is happening. They should be denied funding and barred from publishing in reputable journals. 

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5 Responses to “Silence the Einstein deniers”

  1. Rick Shultz said

    Richard sorry man I gotta disagree on this one. In the first place I never saw or heard the researchers at CERN acting as “auctioneers” to try to get money spent on something that is cast in stone. Einstein’s theory is STILL just that. A theory. That it happens to fit the facts pretty well makes it a WORKABLE theory that is useful to science in it’s PRESENT state of progress. And before you point it out, which I’m sure you if I don’t YES it’s been proven gravity bends light. But the rest of the theory remains just a theory. I am sure your education is generally either equal to mine or possibly better, and my math extends only to pre-calculus and simultaneous equations, but I DO know enough to know that the square root of minus 1 MAY or MAY NOT be a meaningless quantity. Some mathematicians can’t even agree on what constitutes an irrational number fa pete’s sake! I say don’t just pooh-pooh this. Give these guys the benefit of whatever doubt there may be at least! They tested their equipment over and over again because THEY didn’t believe what they were seeing! Doesn’t that at least entitle them to some respect? This is an observed anomaly!

    And it should be researched thoroughly! It ill becomes you to be so hard on honest scientists who

    saw something really strange and reported what they saw.

  2. David Aitken said

    Richard forgot the snark tag.

  3. Billll said

    Tools in the grip of Big Matter, all of them.

  4. Rick Shultz said

    OK. Richard may have trolling here and hoping someone with a deficient sense of humor would

    strike the lure. Well call me a bass because I took the bait. But here’s couple things to think about. The theory says, ands it’s STILL a theory no matter what anybody says, that the speed of light is a constant. In fact, this is the core of the theory. Still with me? OK here’s the funky part. If c is constant then why do transparent substances, glass is a good example, CHANGE the

    the speed of light when it passes through them? The speed of light through glass is 90km/s SLOWER than the speed of light in vacuo! This has been explained by something that every transparent medium has called it’s “index of refraction”. Allright. Now the index of refaction is ratio of the speed of light through any particular transparent substance to it’s speed in vacuo as those of us who listened in physics class remember. Glass has an index of refraction of 1.5. Water has an index of refraction, transparent gasses have an index of refraction. The degree of transparency of these can affect this. Now here comes the really funky part that nobody really

    thinks about except weird people like me. WHAT IF SPACE ITSELF IS NOT RELATED TO TIME in

    way the theory predicts, and Lorentz and others THINK they have figured out, but is a seperate

    entity with it’s own properties, and IT’s own “index of refraction affected only by gravity and gravity really is a true force and not a part of the popular term used by physics known as

    “space-time”? All this blows major parts of Einstein’s theory into the proverbial cocked hat.:=)

  5. rgcombs said

    Yeah, well, I was just employing the same arguments that the Goracle, IPCC, et al, use against anyone who questions anthropogenic global warming. With tongue firmly in cheek.

    Now my head is starting to hurt. Someone let me know when they get the tachyon drive working.

    “Big Matter” — I like that.

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