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Texas educates better than Wisconsin

Posted by Richard on March 7, 2011

Former Enron advisor Paul Krugman and The Economist recently cited shocking statistics regarding the state of education in low-tax states like Texas that don't allow collective bargaining for teachers. Iowahawk found their "factoids" so fraudulent and misleading that he departed from his usual zany satire to set the record straight.

I can't excerpt in a meaningful way — you'll have to go read it. It's really pretty amusing seeing a humble satirist school Krugman and The Economist on the basics of statistical analysis. (Although I suspect that in both cases the problem wasn't ignorance, but a deliberate attempt to manipulate the statistics to promote their agenda.)

The bottom line is that students — and especially minority students — are better off being educated in Texas than Wisconsin. 

I just love seeing some guy from Iowa saying, in effect, "Don't mess with Texas!" 🙂

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