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The case against Huckabee

Posted by Richard on December 24, 2007

A commenter at NewsBusters who calls him/herself PopularTech has put together the definitive multi-count indictment of Gov. Mike Huckabee, charging that the Governor's claim to being the "true conservative" in the race is completely fraudulent:

Mike Huckabee is a Pro-life Liberal

This guy is worse than Bill Clinton on fiscal policy, has a liberal naive foreign policy, feels "compasionate" for illegals and is NOT a true conservative. We do not need another Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. The Huckster is playing up to the evangelical suckers who do not do research and think we need a minister in the White House with a degree in Religion? God help us all.

That introduction is followed by more than fifty (!) links to video clips, news articles, and commentary to back up the indictment, organized into nine categories (eight specific issues and one general). Bravo, PopularTech — a fine job! I hope my social conservative friends and readers (both of you <g>) will check out the case against Huckabee before buying into his "good ole conservative Southern Baptist" shtick. 

Ann Coulter dubbed Huckabee "the Republican Jimmy Carter," and I think it fits (except that there are more ethics questions about Huckabee). Is there any sane, sensible person who thinks we need another Jimmy Carter?

For more anti-Huckabee stuff, check out Born Again Redneck. Go here to try distinguishing the Huckabee quotes from the Edwards quotes. Or just go to the main page and keep scrolling — lots and lots of Huckabee posts. Plus some interesting pro-Thompson stuff, including this post proving that Thompson doesn't pander to Iowa farmers (and sounds pretty damn good to me on the farm issue):

From the Waverley (Iowa) Democrat:

Q: What will you do for the farmers of Bremer County?

FT: (laughs)

Q: You knew this was coming, right?

FT: I would continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor. I’ve been looking all over Iowa for a bad steak and I can’t find it. Been trying my best. It’s not a matter of what I would do for the farmers. Farmers are not looking for a president to hand them something. Farmers want fair treatment and a chance to prosper in a free economy and that’s what I would help ensure. … 

Read the whole thing. 

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2 Responses to “The case against Huckabee”

  1. campaign signs said

    Wow that is a little harsh. I mean i got a couple of things to say. One bill clinton wasn’t bad. America saw some really good days in his reign. Two the guy is losing as it is, i don’t know if you really want to beat up a guy who is already on his knees.

  2. rgcombs said

    Um, camp? Did you notice that this was posted last year?

    As for Clinton, he “wasn’t bad” after the health care fiasco chastened him, the Gingrich revolution took control of Congress, and the Republicans dragged him kicking and screaming into the two “accomplishments” he brags most about now, welfare reform and a balanced budget.

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