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The tingle is gone

Posted by Richard on June 17, 2010

The talking heads on the left seemed to be just as underwhelmed by the President's speech last night as those on the right. NewsBusters reported on MSNBC's post-speech panel discussion by Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Howard Fineman, and all three seem to have been pretty critical.

For sure, Chris Matthews didn't get that tingle up his leg this time:

Why does he continue to say that the Secretary of Energy has a Nobel Prize? I mean, it`s almost gotten ludicrous. We had Carol Browner do it again tonight. … I`m not sure whether these degrees are going to help or these awards from overseas.

… We have a blue ribbon panel now that`s going to look into what went wrong. Can`t we move a little quicker than that, than to name a commission? That`s what they`ve done here. Another commission and another guy mentioned, they mentioned for having a Nobel Prize. …

I don`t sense executive command. And I thought that was the purpose of this speech tonight, command and control. I`m calling the shots. My name is Barack Obama. I`m the boss. I`m telling people what to do. I didn`t get that clarity. … He must be chief executive. He can no longer be Vatican observer or intellectual, or a guy calling in experts, or naming commissioners or whatever. I think he`s, or citing people for their Nobel prizes, I think he has to be the boss. …

The former Obama cheerleader is now surprised and disappointed by the President's lack of leadership and "executive command" skills. Back in 2008, there was no shortage of people pointing out that candidate Obama's background as an academic, community organizer, and part-time, present-voting legislator was sorely lacking in real-world job experience, much less any executive experience that might prepare him for the presidency. But Matthews pooh-poohed such concerns. He had that tingle running up in his leg. 

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