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“This is their majority”

Posted by Richard on January 17, 2007

Earlier this month, I noted that some Republican senators seemed practically giddy about being "liberated" from the burden of being in the majority. The same is apparently true in the House, where many, if not most, Republicans seem to favor rolling over and letting the Democrats do as they please. According to the Washington Times, only a few "pit bull" Republicans want to actively oppose the Democrats’ agenda (emphasis added):

The younger pit bulls want to go after the Democrats quickly and without remorse. Some of the older Republican stalwarts prefer sitting back and allowing new Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her party members to have their moment in the sun and govern accordingly.

Several Republicans confirmed privately that more than two-thirds of House Republicans are favoring a slow approach, while a minority of members think the attacks on Democrats should come rapid-fire.

Already, some say the opposition has been too quiet in allowing Democrats to pass key elements of their initial agenda.

There have been four major votes on Democratic bills since Congress convened under the new majority earlier this month. Of those, 24 Republicans crossed the line to support changes to Medicare, 37 voted with Democrats to expand funding for embryonic stem-cell research, 68 voted to implement more recommendations of the September 11 commission, and 82 Republicans voted for increasing the minimum wage.

Some Republicans privately fumed at these votes and noted that Democrats in the last Congress were far more united against the Republican majority’s bills.

"It’s the beginning of a long process," said Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee. "This is their majority, and they have the right, even though I think a lot of their policies have more political utility than practicability."

"We’ve shown we can work together with Democrats on some issues, but our differences will become progressively clearer," he said.

Rep. Cole, for years, the Democrats have called you and your colleagues heartless monsters, racists, and planet destroyers, and they’ve fought tooth and nail against every Republican bill, resolution, and nomination. If the differences still aren’t clear to you, that reflects rather poorly on you and the rest of the GOP leadership.

The chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee is defending the Democrats’ right to prevail. The chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee is defending his fellow Republicans’ voting with the Dems in droves. What’s wrong with this picture?

In the entire twelve years that the GOP controlled the House, do you think even one Democrat ever said, "It’s their majority, and they have the right"?

It’s a shame that the Democrats have no effective opposition. A two-party system works so much better if both parties stand for something and possess a modicum of skill, tenacity, and dedication to their professed principles.

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