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Trickle-down socialism

Posted by Richard on May 18, 2009

With the federal government nationalizing banks and automobile companies, rewriting mortgages, and spitting on the sanctity of contracts, it was only a matter of time before state and local governments began emulating it. Especially when they get federal money to do so.

The city of Aurora, Colorado, got a $5 million federal grant to buy homes in foreclosure. So that's what they're doing. By outbidding private individuals and investors for the properties.

(Note: I tried to embed the video, but the code from doesn't seem to work. The link above should take you to their video. As of now, there is no text version of the story.)

I've seen significant advances in liberty — both social and economic — throughout my adult life. And because of that, and my own inherently optimistic nature, I've always felt pretty good about the future. No more. Toward the end of the Bush Administration, I saw that trend grind to a halt. And in the early months of the Obama Administration, I've seen it reversed with a vengeance.

We're not just re-creating the dreadful Carter years, we're descending headlong into the socialist and statist policies that crippled the Great Britain of half a century ago. 

If and when I'm ever able to contemplate retirement, Costa Rica is looking more and more appealing. Those of you who are still young have my sympathy — and my sincere hope that you'll have the good sense and courage to reverse this trend.

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2 Responses to “Trickle-down socialism”

  1. Mothanskin (Roosevelt) said

    RG, you have made some very good points about America on the road to socialism, despite the denials of Bush and Obama. All any one has to do is look at Canada, the UK, France and other democracies that have become socialist, to see the staganacy socialism brings to societies that adopt that economic system. I am hoping that libertarians and conservatives can take back America from far left liberals and neoconservatives before it is too late.

  2. rgcombs said

    Mo, last night I wrote a great response to your comment, full of soaring rhetoric about our shared values and stuff, and I swear I posted it. Now it’s gone. Well, I admit I’d had a few adult beverages, but … I swear I posted it.

    The server ate it — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    So tonight I’ll just say thanks for stopping by and for a great comment.

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