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Voting present on Libya

Posted by Richard on March 10, 2011

As the brutal Gaddafi regime, bolstered by growing numbers of mercenary troops, continues to bomb and strafe its citizens from the air unimpeded, and gradually gains the upper hand over those fighting for freedom, the Obama administration is still "considering a range of options." Reasonable people can disagree over whether we should intervene, but this dithering is the worst of all possible responses. It's reminiscent of how the U.N. has responded in the face of genocides.

US, NATO, and EU officials are still talking about an Iraq-like no-fly zone — but they've been doing that for more than a month. I think we should have imposed a no-fly zone weeks ago, but not like that endless nonsense that dragged on for years over Iraq.

We should do it the way a couple of my friends suggested last Saturday — by taking out the Libyan Air Force. They can't bomb their civilian population if their jets are turned into smoking piles of debris on the tarmac. With some half-way decent planning and execution, we could destroy virtually all their planes on the ground in a matter of hours, shoot down the few that get in the air, and then go home.

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